We appreciate your abstract submissions for AD17 and expect to notify authors by April 17, 2022

Abstracts were received for the following conference topics:

  • Synthesis of novel value added products beyond biogas (e.g., chain elongation)

  • Systems-analyses of anaerobic biotechnologies (e.g., integration of anaerobic biotechnologies in a circular economy, life cycle assessment)

  • Adapting anaerobic biotechnologies for climate resilience

  • Microbial ecology and microbiome engineering of anaerobic systems

  • Improvements in sludge digestion

  • Mainstream (i.e., low-strength domestic wastewater) anaerobic treatment systems

  • Nutrient removal technologies compatible with anaerobic processes

  • Fate of contaminants of emerging concern in anaerobic systems

  • Post-treatment strategies for anaerobic effluents, digestates, and biogas

  • Modeling of anaerobic processes

  • Anaerobic treatment of industrial wastewaters